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Meghana Suravi S. MBA Healthcare & Hospital Administration

I'm pursuing my MBA (Healthcare and Hospital Administration) Industry Synergized. Many institutions do not provide this stream but this wonderful opportunity has been provided by Gems B School. Initially I never had hopes of getting placed but Mr. Hari Krishnan suggested me about Milann run by Padma Sri Dr. Kamini A. Rao. I am so grateful for him that I got placed at Milann and having wonderful learning experience under the Centre Manager. All thanks to Mr. Hari Krishnan, who suggested me to take up this industry. The placement assistance that he provides is truly remarkable. His focus on placing the students at the right place is highly appreciated. India is one of those growing countries where healthcare is taking a new shape towards development by bringing in new technologies and hospitals are slowly converting to Corporate Culture. Hence, I would recommend every aspiring achiever to take up this course & have a good foundation for your career in healthcare.

Thank you Dr. Nehruji, Mr. Kunal, Mr. Hari.

Milann Fertility Centre
Posted On - 26 December 2017
Briju Bopanna C S MBA-HR

Hey all,

I feel proud to share my experience. The idea of earn and learn is awesome it needs full dedication towards your job and as well as towards your study. This program is best to inculcate multitasking skill in you.

Placement services provided by Mr. Hari Krishnan are brilliant!!!

Western Digital | SanDisk
Posted On - 18 November 2017
Jaikumar J Industry Synergised MBA

Hi friends,

After completion of my UG, i started searching for best MBA colleges in Banglore. At that time i found GEMS as one of the best in Management Institutions. Gems B School offers an MBA with an Earn While you learn concept, So students need not worry about their Job, because GEMS management itself offers the placements. Classes are also conducted by well experienced and talented faculty.

So i can say that this B School is the right choice for every one.

William O'Neil India Pvt Ltd.,
Posted On - 09 October 2017
Amit Singh Dhami MBA (Healthcare Management and Hospital Administration)

GEMS B School : One of the best business institutions in India.

The industry synergized programme that GEMS provide is one of it's kind where I can earn, learn and study together. I am thankful to the college for discovering such a beautiful concept.

I appreciate the exposure and opportunities that were provided to me. The journey from being guided by the management and teachers since the first day I entered the college, till date has really been amazing.

I personally can say that I have grown more as a person in these months as I get to understand the concepts of how an organisation runs and how it should during the lectures and apply those while working.

Ethics above everything - this is what we at GEMS B are taught.

To sum up : Choosing GEMS B was one the best decisions I have ever taken.

Ridgetop Dental International
Posted On - 23 September 2017
Ajith Kumar B Industry Synergised MBA

Hello Fellas,


The place where we learn about the management and corporate life. Earn while you Learn and Management is something which is not to be learnt only in classroom, Instead a exposure towards various top companies makes us realize about what the MBA is all about.

Placement Head (Mr.Hari Krishnan) will constantly help students in getting placed at highly reputed companies.

Students can easily develop their career from that base provided by GEMS B SCHOOL.

Probably one should be mentally and physically ready to take this as challenge, since it is 7 days a week (5 days corporate work + 2 days college).

Faculties are so supportive and encouraging to drive our career.

Environment is so cool where one might get lost with the beauty and climate around classrooms. :p

Overall, I prefer Students who are confused to decide about their PG Degree & Job, Can prefer GEMS B SCHOOL.

I would like to thank Mr. Nehru Ji, MR. Kunal, Mr. Hari Krishnan for their efforts in creating a stable structure for the students.

Posted On - 22 September 2017
Abhijith K S Industry Synergised MBA

Hi guys,

GEMS B School was one of the best decision that i have taken so far. I am currently doing Industry Synergised MBA specialising in HR. Right after my enrollment, I immediately got placed in an MNC in a good position with a great package. All thanks to Hari and his team.

GEMS was a right decision for me and i would encourage other to take a step in this direction.

Stanton Chase International
Posted On - 19 September 2017
Suraj Kalra Industry Synergised MBA in Human Resource Management

Since the first moment I came to GEMS B School, I was met with nothing but enthusiasm and Passion by the Management and Staff at this institution. In one line "They are Top Notch"

They all want their students to do well. One of The Courses here for which i have enrolled is Industry Synergised MBA (It basically allows a student to work during the week and during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday Theoretical Classes are held) and in no time you have "2 Years of Work experience" as well as a full time Masters Degree from a Business School.

A student also gets A Placement in a well reputed organization by the Placement Cell of the College, which in return makes a student's life much easier.

This Business School has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need... Professors and Lecturers here are beyond Expectations.

This Business School keeps the Students first. You will not be let down, provided; you have the capabilities to enhance your own knowledge and perception at a distinct level.

I really believe it is a privilege to come to The Great Eastern Management School (GEMS) and I am so glad I made that decision.

Health care Global (HCG)
Posted On - 18 September 2017
Sonia Rathore Industry Synergised MBA(Healthcare management and Hospital administration)

A bundle of job experience and degree is a very rare combination to find!!

It takes years and years to achieve both.

I still remember the day when I gave the entrance test and inquired for this course. I met and questioned each and every member at the office. All of them were extremely patient while answering my questions. Today I work at the one of the most respectable companies "HCG" which is a honor indeed!

I would specially like to thank Mr. Kunal And Mr. Hari sir for for helping me gain this position. Apart from this, i would like to thank Ms. Shwetha, who not only counselled me to join GEMS but also counselled me morally.

GEMS is the best place where you can study, learn and be independent as well.

Healthcare global enterprises ltd.(HCG)
Posted On - 13 September 2017
Alex K. G. Industry Synergised MBA - Sales & Marketing

There are a lot of MBA Institutes in Bangalore, but MBA at GEMS stands out with its distinguished uniqueness.

GEMS is the perfect platform to polish one's skills & calibre. The "EARN WHILE YOU LEARN" tagline is most apt for GEMS. We have a great faculty with rich industry experience. You are guided by Mr. Nehruzii, Mr. Hari, Mr. Kunal & you would not be wanting more. Due to their efforts & dedication I am placed in a distinguished corporate organisation.

Dreams are achieved in GEMS.

Posted On - 04 September 2017
Sagnik Majumdar Industry Synergised MBA - Marketing

Let me begin by saying that I will try to make this Testimonial as unbiased as possible.

GEMS has been a turning point in my life. A year back, there was a stage in my life when I was clueless. I was struggling through my previous job when one of my ex-colleagues informed me about the B-School which gives its students the opportunity to 'Earn and Learn'. I decided to take my chances and since then I have never looked back. Now, I am most certain, that this has been the best decision of my life!

Before the admission, I was counselled by Dr. Nehruzii and Mr. Hari and the other coordinators and I am utterly grateful to them for guiding me towards the right career choice. Thanks to them, I am presently working with a multinational company and also pursuing my MBA in Marketing.

To conclude, if you are a parent or a student, GEMS will always be my best recommendation for you!

Posted On - 13 June 2017
Shemona Rawat Industry Synergised MBA(HR)

Hey All,
The Dedication, Support and Motivation of each of the staff is remarkable and enables students like me to achieve their dreams. My sincere thanks to Dr. Nehruzii and Mr. Hari who not only helped me in imbibing Knowledge but also in acquiring a good job. Gems B School provide every student exactly what they need for life

Posted On - 29 May 2017
Karishma Industry Synergised MBA (HR)

Hi Everyone,
Building my career in Gems B School enriched my life. This college has been nothing less than what I hoped for. I joined because of earn while learn program and got placed in an MNC within a month after my joining. I think it is the best opportunity which I got as a fresher. My special thanks to Dr. Nehruzii and Mr. Hari without whom it could not be possible. They are supportive and friendly. Looking forward to learn more from this opportunity!

Posted On - 28 May 2017
Ajay S MBA in HR

Hi Everyone,
I feel proud to share this. Firstly am happy to tell you all that i got placed in one of the most reputed companies called EMC2 . This is all because of GEMS B SCHOOL. All the people in gems are so kind and helpful. I entered with a scare with a doubt but i feel so proud that i got placed in the company which i had attempted first. Trust me, worth doing your MBA here with this university.

Hari Sir is just so friendly and i thank him for whatever help. My counsellor was Shwetha and i thank her for everything. So many times i raised my doubt about the college but every time she answered me with patience.

On the whole am happy to get admitted to this B school.

Once again thanks alot for the whole GEMS Team.

Posted On - 20 May 2017
Priyanka N Bhushan MBA (H.R)

Hello All,
GEMS B School is one of the best B School one can opt for to make his/her career. I joined the college and was placed in less than a week for the very first interview i attended.

A heartfelt thanks to Mr. Hari Krishnan and the entire team for helping, guiding, and supporting me, I couldn't have done it without them.

I am very Glad to be a part of this reputed institution. If you want to grow both Personally and Professionally, I'm sure GEMS is an Amazing Platform.

Thank you :)

Magna Infotech
Posted On - 04 April 2017
Priyanka Chhikara MBA in HR

Hey all, I feel proud to share this piece of writing. The idea of earn and learn looks very attractive but it needs full dedication towards your job and as well as towards your study. This program is best to inculcate multitasking skill in you.

Placement services provided by Mr. Hari Krishnan are brilliant. They have tied up with lots of great brands and great companies that an individual can grow with and reach heights. My placement experience was awesome, getting through the very first company I gave my interview with is something that definitely needs to be highlighted. It's a great experience working for IBM™'s Client innovation center.

If you want to grow as an individual both personally and professionally, GEMS is where you need to join at.

Posted On - 11 January 2017
Varsha Industry Synergised MBA.

Hi Im Varsha studying Industry Synergised MBA [Finance] in Gems B School. I am very fortunate and happy to be a part of this programme as through the guidance and help of Mr.Hari I got placed in a very Good MNC [Altisource] and its very exciting to attend classes on weekends and learn new things from the Well Experienced Trainers who have many years of Experience in the Industries.I am glad to be a part of this course.

Posted On - 28 December 2016
Saleha Shaikh S MBA in Health Care Management & Hospital Administration.

I am Saleha from Gems B School. I am pursuing my MBA in Health Care. Thanks to Mr. Hari i got placed in Sparsh as a Departmental Secretary. Its really great to b a part of this prestigious institute and without Miss Bharthi's help it would not have been easy for me.. Thank you Gems for this wonderful opportunity for a bright career.

Sparsh Hospital
Posted On - 17 September 2016
Salman G K MBA in Health Care and Hospital Administration

Hi guys!!! This is Salman.. I joined MBA in HealthCare Management at Gems B School. Thanks to Hari Sir, I got placed in Sparsh Hospital as a Patient Care Executive. I have got a wonderful chance to learn and master my career. I would like to share my gratitude to Miss Bharthi for the great guidance about the course. THANK YOU GEMS B SCHOOL.

Sparsh Hospital
Posted On - 16 September 2016
Thejaswini.KJ MBA

Hi, I'm pursuing MBA in finance. I have got placed in Valenta as a Para planner with a very good salary as a fresher. I'm very happy and lucky to get very good college with very nice program( work study). I would like to thank Mr.Hari who helped me to get this interesting job which really builds my career. I would also like to thank Athina for giving me a correct picture of GEMS and last, I would also like to thank Dr. Nehruzii for a brilliant thought. Guys if you are looking to pursue MBA, you can blindly choose GEMS which helps you to grow your career.

Posted On - 30 August 2016
Sanketh. R Industry Synergised MBA

I joined our college on 3rd October, 2009 and while at that time I had decided to pursue my MBA in IT Systems. The college shortlisted me for interviews suitable to my specialization but my bad, I was still unable to crack them. I will now like to introduce my college dean, my mentor Dr. M.I.M. Nehruzii. As per the course agenda, I was attending a class handled by my college dean 'Building Leadership' where we step out of the classroom and take part in various team building activities. Every student will get a chance to be the mentor/captain for the activities performed. One day my dean observed my mentoring in one of the activities and called me personally for a meeting. That was the day where my dean told me about pursuing a career in HR. He told me that he was observing my talent performed during the activities and advised me to give a try in HR as one reputed firm in HR consulting was visiting our college for a campus drive. I was in two different mind sets, I thought about it for a day and decided to at least give it a try for the sake of my dean's advice. I had no idea about HR but my dean's advice got the confidence in me.

I participated in the campus drive and along with me there were around 40 classmates with a dream of getting through the interview process. The entire campus recruitment process took place for half a day and post lunch they were to call out names of the shortlisted students. Like every other student even I was so desperate to know the interview results. Yes, there were 5 students who were shortlisted and I was one among them. Wow! That moment on hearing my name was utter priceless and it still mesmerises my thinking today. Frankly, I had no hopes of clearing it but yes, I did it! That moment of clearing an interview for the first time is something to be remembered for my lifetime.That is the day I decided to pursue my career in recruitment because recruitment choose me. Today I don't contact any firms for suitable jobs but I contact institutes for offering jobs to the beloved students! Many thanks to my dean for all the support and blessings I have with me even today!

Dexler Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Posted On - 30 May 2016
Nitin B MBA (H.R)

I'm pursuing my MBA (HR) Industry Synergised. With this wonderful opportunity created by Gems B School i have now been placed in IBM which is my 1st ever employment in my career. All thanks to the management & specially Mr. Hari Krishnan, who suggested me to take up this opportunity.

I would recommended everyone who is willing to grow in their career to take up this course & have a good foundation for ur career. Finally i would proudly say i'm a student of Gems B School. Thank you Dr. Nehruzii, Mr Kunal, Mr. Hari.

Posted On - 21 April 2016
Anand Kumar P.V Corporate BBA + MBA

GEMS Corporate BBA+ MBA has given me the confidence to move ahead in my career. GEMS B School has given me a great job opportunity in terms of Position, Roles & Responsibilities as they promised.

The programme has a strong International focus where students learn business principles relevant for a more global world. The practical skills backed by academic knowledge have given me the confidence to pursue a career in any environment. Classes are taught in an interactive fashion, allowing me to build on my own experience by learning from my classmates as well as the lecturer. The lecturers are a perfectly balanced mix of brightest academic and business minds.

ALP Consulting
Posted On - 27 july 2015
Vidyadhar Rao Industry Synergised MBA

Hi Everyone, I am a student of MBA(Event Management) Industry Synergised. With the help of this program i got placed in a company which was associated to my field. Special thanks to Hari Krishnan our placement officer for giving this opportunity.

Placements at GEMS B SCHOOL are very promising, targeted to the industry and the field of MBA you choose. It gives us a very focused approach towards our career, which will help us be the best at we do. I am more than happy doing this course and it's a great opportunity for me to learn as we earn. Thank you

CMC Events
Posted On - 14 july 2015
Ramesh G Industry Synergised MBA

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Nehruzii, Mr Kunal, Mr. Hari and the administration team for guiding me with my career and educational path and discovering my strengths within. The ease of processes including registration, placements, Choices of majors etc.

All the Faculties of GEMS are working professionals who come from various professional backgrounds and hence are able to impart with the best of their live work experience to the students. I am glad to be a part of this reputed institution. The placement cell here has got excellent cooperation with various companies which is of a great advantage for the students. Thank you again.

Posted On - 21 Apr 2015
Rushil Mitra Industry Synergised MBA-HR

So this is for all our prospective new students.I was once in the same dilemna as you guys.For me the idea of an MBA was always from a premier institute,the ivy leagues and iims of the world.So my schooling and graduation come from top tier institutes Woodstock and symbiosis respectively.So you can understand my apprehension when I first came across Gems B School.However its been smooth sailing ever since then.Albeit I had to do a lot of research and a lot of one on ones with Dr Nehruzii,I had finally made up my mind that this was the next destination for me.Gems B School in just a span of time is quickly becoming the fastest growing Bschool in India and rightly so with the unique "Industry Synergised" model.

So this is a one off course that originally started in the UK and we are the first college to have implemented it in India.It gives you a unique option of working while studying,so basically you save on two years in the market compared to your peers and trust me it does make a difference in the long run.Apart from the mandatory saving time,as an HR professional let me reiterate the fact how important job experience is.Times have changed,though campus hires still take place,nowadays we look for people with experience,who wont buckle down and can walk the talk.Sure the degree counts but not three years down the line when all that matters is how you perform on the job.

So yes guys have no doubt you have or will make the right choice in joining us,with industry experts as faculty and an attitude of "impossible is nothing" welcome to the winning club.

Antal International
Posted On - 6 Apr 2015
Sangeeth Industry Synergised MBA

A perfect opportunity for people wanting to support themselves while persuing their masters!

Yes, it can be challenging to manage work along with studies but the rewards which come with it are even greater. You have quality faculty teaching and guiding u, special mentions to the placement team who understand what you are, what you want and act accordingly. All in all, i am impressed with GEMS as an organisation and feel happy being a part of it.

HBJ capital
Posted On - 19 Nov 2014
Ramya G S Industry Synergised MBA

I thank Gems B School for introducing a different program, Industry Synergised MBA which is enough challenging. Management is a skill which definitely cannot be learnt by merely attending regular classes, it is learnt by DOING. My special thanks to the placement team who is doing an amazing work. I extend my gratitude to the whole management of GEMS.

Wenger & Watson
Posted On - 17 Jun 2014
Deepak Madhu Industry synergised MBA

I have started this New Year by taking a big step towards a brighter future and joined GEMS B School. The programs offered at GEMS are unique and nifty. The placement assistance provided by Mr. Hari Krishnan is truly remarkable. I was placed in a very reputed IT solutions organization within a few days from the date of admission.
A special word of thanks to Dr. Nehruzii for all his guidance and advice and for also being so friendly and reassuring. I am very glad to be a part of this institution and hope to do very well in all my future endeavors.

Frontier Business Systems
Posted On - 25 Jan 2014
Sandeep S Perur Industry synergised MBA

GEMS is a perfect platform which bridges the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge with great ease and confidence. Very dynamic and practically experienced faculty, subjective and interactive classroom sessions, perfectly student friendly counselors, and a very inspiring personality Dr. M.I.M. Nehruzii, Dean, GEMS B SCHOOL.

Superpacks, India
Posted On - 08 Jan 2014
Prashant Kumar Singh Industry synergised MBA

Thank you GEMS B school for initiating this program. I am glad to be a part of this reputed institution. The placement cell here has got excellent cooperation with various companies which is of a great advantage for the students. Thank you again.

Posted On - 08 Jan 2014
Manohar Nag MBA (H.R)

"Its hardly two months that since i have got into GEMS-B-SCHOOL and very happy to be a part of this college. In a very short span of time of one month i was placed into Ionidea,and i am sure that i will be extra-ordinary from ordinary!!
I thank all the individuals who have put in efforts to make my career.
Thank you!!"

Posted On - 24 Nov 2013
Deepa Natrajan Corporate Integrated BBA +MBA

"Hey all , it feels nice to share this piece of writing in this website. I got to know about GEMS B School, randomly when i was browsing through the net, and i was doubtful if i really have to join here or no. One would definitely not regret being a part of GEMS B SCHOOL, if they visit this place and interact with people here. This is a place for those who stay away from home, that never makes you feel homesick. I still remember the first ever time i was to GEMS for my admission from my town, and every person here made me feel comfortable. Not to forget the colleges Dean,Mr.Nehruzii. At least i have never seen a Dean like him who speaks so well and who is very friendly and helpful. I loved all of this about the B School.
Placement services provided by Mr.Hari Krishnan are brilliant. They have tied up with lots of great brands and great companies that an individual can grow with and reach heights. My placement experience was awesome, getting through the very first company i gave my interview with is something that definitely needs to be highlighted. All that was possible only because of the briefing the B School gives you, before attending any interview. Its a great experience working for First Source. I am designated as a HR Recruiter here and i also handle a few vendors.
If you want to grow as an individual both personally and professionally, GEMS is where you need to join at. CHEERS :)"

First source Limited
Posted On - 04 Sep 2013
Rukhaiya.H Industry synergised MBA

"Thank you GEMS B school for initiating this program, i am glad to be a part of this reputed institution. The placement cell here has got excellent cooperation with various companies which is of a great advantage for the students. Thank you again."

Posted On - 03 Sep 2013
Srinivasan.K Corporate Integrated BBA + MBA

"Never believed or rather followed New Year resolutions till date, but if I were to make one and follow it, It would have been "Join GEMS B SCHOOL". GEMS was one of the best choice I made in this yet to end 2013. With no knowledge of what my potential strengths were, I was given a brand new perspective in life. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Nehruzii, Mr. Kunal, Mr. Hari and the administration panel for guiding me with my career and educational path and discovering my strengths within. The ease of processes including registration, placements, Choices of majors etc dazzles me how well structured and organized GEMS is. I strongly urge students to take up GEMS for you will not regret the choice. I also immensely believe you will succeed like I did and will do in my future endeavours. "Try and Fail, But Never Fail to Try"."

IICT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Posted On - 28 Aug 2013
Shruthi Shetty Corporate Integrated BBA + MBA

"GEMS B School is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.
Mr. Nehruzii, Mr. Kunal, Mr. Hari and everyone else at GEMS B School have been extremely supportive in helping the students follow their dreams. I am really proud to be a part of this prestigious institution."

A-One Infra Projects
Posted On - 03 Aug 2013
Debi Prasad Dash Industry Synergised MBA

"My name is Debi; I am from Bhubaneswar.

Its been one pleasant experience here at GEMS B School. I was delivered what I was promised. I joined the college, sent for interviews and cracked backing with some genuine referrals from my management team. I am sure one can expect turn of events around in here. One would certainly get what one has hoped for. I got mine.
If anyones planning to join Gems B School, I am sure you are heading in the right direction.
Good Luck."

American Express Services India Ltd.
Posted On - 19 Jul 2013
Swetha Marri Industry Synergised MBA

"Gems B School is one of the best B School, one can look in for to make his/her career. From faculty to students to workers all are given equal importance, It provides the students to Implement what they learn in college at work, by providing Study cum work Facility. The teachings and the activities provided mould us to be an aspirant and an achiever. I am happy to be a part of Gems family"

Posted On - 28 Mar 2013
Ragesh Nair Industry Synergised MBA

"Doing the MBA gives you the opportunity to learn in three different areas, which is critical for your future success. You learn from world class lecturers, you learn about how others interact with you and finally most importantly for me you learn about yourself. These areas have been examined in both a class room environment and crucially in a real world situation as we work in the weekends and therefore the learnings from my MBA have already been put into practice."

R2 International
Posted On - 04 Mar 2013
Sudeep Bhat Industry Synergised MBA

"It has been a great experience. It helped me a lot to bring my Marketing Skills to use. I am very glad to be a part of this school."

Movenpick Hotels
Posted On - 31 Jan 2013
Mark Rozalla Industry Synergised MBA

"The GEMS experience is an amazing one for me so far, working for a company like Goldman Sachs, through the placement cell of the college, while pursuing an MBA degree.

I would like to thank the placement cell and the college for giving me this fantastic opportunity and helping me grow"

Goldman Sachs
Posted On - 20 Dec 2012
William Kasbe. Industry Synergised MBA

"Hi My name is William Kasbe from Mumbai. The most significant reason why I chose GEMS B SCHOOL was because of the splendid learning atmosphere, flexible curriculum as well as teaching faculties.

The campus, The teaching at GEMS is extremely dynamic.

All the Faculties of GEMS are working professionals who come from various professional backgrounds and hence are able to impart with the best of their live work experience to the students.

GEMS B SCHOOL has not only displayed to me all the proverbial "windows" as options, but has also given me the opportunity to open the ones most suited to my academic interests and to gaze beyond the present. Today I am so happy to say that GEMS has nurtured me with the BEST OF BEST knowledge. I would like to specially thank Our Dear Dean Dr. M.I.M. Nehruzii, Mr. Kunal (Relationship manager), Mr. Hari (Placement Officer) and the whole GEMS staff members for all the Help, Guidance and Support.

GOOD TO GREAT in two years straight. Yes this has proven true for me. Today i am working in Uganda with one of the African based company as Sales Manager for IT Dept.

Thank you to all of my teachers at GEMS B SCHOOL who were there for me all the time and good luck to the current Students of GEMS B SCHOOL.

"Opportunity is not a matter of Chance its a matter of Choice,
It is not a thing to be waited for, Its a thing to be Achieved"."

MFI Enterprise Solutions
Posted On - 04 Dec 2012
Bopanna M V MBA

"GEMS Bschool.
The name says all. you will be a real good gem in any organization you work. The exposure with studying and working is something where in you will not find anywhere. Implement what you study in your work. It will take you for a good Position. As i am now. Am working as a HR in a 8.4 billion dollar company. Who knew that.

GEMS B School gives you a very Good Platform for todays world."

Posted On - 04 Dec 2012
Sunil Shekar Industry Synergised MBA

"I thank the Management for coming up with such a brilliant course and in fact the first in Bangalore. The campus is so cool and is located in the heart of the city.Great commitment towards placing the right candidate to the right company.Looking forward to a bright future."

JP Morgan Chase
Posted On - 30 Nov 2012
Anu Philip MBA with SAP

"I Thank Dr. Nehruzii, Dean for the constant support and motivation which helped me clear my SAP certification. Today I am an SAP certified HR consultant. Thanks to GEMS B SCHOOL and to all who are part of this institution"

Reliance SAP Global Solutions
Posted On - 26 Nov 2012

"First of all I am Thankful to Dr. M.I.M. Nehruzii Sir, and our Placement Officer Hari, for assisting me and guiding me in each and every path of my placement process. Everything is really unique, very learner friendly and absolutely industry relevant. I am happy to begin my career as a US IT Recruiter."

ALLEGIS Group Services LTD
Posted On - 18 Nov 2012
Shinoy Abraham Thomas MBA

"The Campus is great. And the college believes in the "Student First" Doctirne, which is very helpful to students. The placement team is very helpful and assist you in finding the perfect avenue to learn and grow."

Graffiti Collaborative
Posted On - 17 Nov 2012
Jijo Philip MBA

"I have been part of GEMS B School for almost 2 years now. The journey so far has been wonderful and knowledgeable.
Nehruzi Sir, our Dean has always been there for us and whatever our needs are, be it academically or professionally, he has taken a personal interest to help us.

When I was told that I will get a job upon enrolling for the program, I was highly skeptical on how they would be able to accomplish this. However, Hari (Placement Officer) at Gems helped me in getting the right job. Today before the end of my course, I am a Sr. Manager at one of Indias top companies.

I would recommend Gems B School to anyone who is willing to push their limits and is looking for a bright future."

Posted On - 17 Nov 2012
Krishna Sravanthi.P MBA (HR)

"I am proud to say that I have chosen GEMS B School as my Career Catalyst as it has got a unique program. "Earn while you Learn". My special thanks to our Chairman and placement officer for assisting me to start my career with one of the best MNCs as a recruiter."

ALLEGIS Group Services LTD
Posted On - 14 Nov 2012
HARUN KUMAR.P Industry Synergised MBA

"Thanks to Dr. M.I.M. Nehruzii for giving me an opportunity to study in Gems.I got placed as contract based employee in JP MORGAN CHASE BANK and after 3 months got converted into a full time employee. Now I am earning a good salary and very happy."

Posted On - 14 Nov 2012
Nazareen Marianne Cassiny Corporate Integrated BBA+MBA

"This is an amazing well organised program.The college has a splendid environment, fantastic faculty and this organisation as a whole helps us to prove ourselves in this competitive world. Above all the placement cell is the best. I am proud to be a part of the GEMS B SCHOOL family."

Posted On - 10 Nov 2012
Kanchan Desai Corporate Integrated BBA+MBA

"A lot of general inputs in addition to the curriculum helps in developing an all round personality."

Posted On - 06 Oct 2012
Spoorthi Vasudev Industry Synergised MBA

"This program is very unique because it’s an earn while you learn model. At the end of two years you not only get a full time MBA but also two years of work experience."
Posted On - 06 Oct 2012
Eeshaan Madhavan Industry Synergised BBA+MBA

"The trimester pattern is great. We don’t have to carry a lot of load. And also the faculty here are very student friendly."

Posted On - 06 Oct 2012
Athina Mary Varghese Global MBA in Media & Entertainment

"I had never heard about such a course. But, the course curriculum is amazing. The kind of things we are learning is practical and great."

Posted On - 06 Oct 2012
Vinay Anikar MBA with SAP

"There is a lot of interaction in the class between faculty members and students. And although we attend classes only on weekends, the frequent assignments we get keep us hooked to the subject through the week."

Posted On - 06 Oct 2012
Narendranath Hegde Corporate Integrated BBA+MBA

"The course is very economical. It can be paid in installments and it is really great because I get to fund my own studies."

Posted On - 06 Oct 2012
Adil Hussain Global MBA in Media & Entertainment

"The most unique point about this program is it’s affiliation with NETWORK 18. I can’t wait for my internship with CNN IBN, MTV, VH1, Colors etc."

Culture Trails
Posted On - 06 Oct 2012
Kapangailu Golmei Industry Synergised BBA+MBA

"All the faculty members are from the industry with more than 15 years of actual work experience. This makes learning more interesting."

Posted On - 06 Oct 2012
Mahendra Kumar Corporate Integrated BBA+MBA

"The ambience and atmosphere that we get to study in is just fantastic."

Indian Army
Posted On - 06 Oct 2012
Bhavya Ganapathy Industry Synergised MBA

"I got my placement with a multinational company within 7 days and I am very happy with my job."

Posted On - 06 Oct 2012