MBA Travel Tourism & Hospitality

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality is a sunrise industry growing faster than any other industry offering exciting job opportunities in India and abroad. Not merely jobs but exciting careers which provide adventure combined with good financial rewards and steady growth. A student doesn't have to be academically brilliant to get in to this profession. All he/she needs is an adventurous mind set, a flair for travelling and a passion for meeting, mixing with and serving people.

To meet the growing demand for qualified professionals in this industry, GEMS B SCHOOL, in collaboration with industry experts and in association with a UGC recognised, Government owned University has designed a two year MBA program in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality.

This is a two year Earn - Learn - Earn, Work - Study - Work Program. This is a program where, when a graduate joins our MBA program, the student is put on a full time job on day 1 in our own Resort, Fiestaa Resort n Events Venue, a full-fledged highly rated Business Hotel, Resort and Events venue, located next to the Bangaluru International Airport ( 5 days in a week the student works with Fiestaa in a full time job earning a full time salary. 2 days a week the student attends classes. At the end of 2 years the student on the one hand has a UGC Recognised, NAAC 'A' Grade Accredited, International MBA in Travel Tourism & Hospitality and on the other hand has 2 full years of relevant work experience in Travel Tourism & Hospitality. The course has been designed such that the student gets practical exposure to Travel Tourism & Hospitality for 5 days in a week and classroom exposure for 2 days. That is 70% practical learning and 30% theoretical learning. The student will, practically & theoretically, learn various areas of Travel Tourism & Hospitality such as Front Office, Housekeeping, F&B Service, Travel desk, Inventory Management, Event Management etc. This practical exposure which the student acquires for 5 days in a week is a part of the program curriculum and is mandatory.

The student will learn everything about the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry both in the class room and on the field. This is a work-study program where the student will not only learn but also earn.

As this MBA program is aimed at preparing students to international standards, mainly targeting overseas jobs, students will receive extensive training in different cultures, etiquette, ethics, and English communication skills combined with a foreign language.

No University or college in India offers such a comprehensive program in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality that too in the in the earn-while-you-learn mode. The student will learn the theory in the class room and the practicals in the work place. The student will earn a full time salary and not a stipend.

As the world is witnessing an acute shortage of trained professional in the Travel, tourism and Hospitality industry, an MBA in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality is a work permit for employment across the globe. A Career in this industry will take you to exciting locations around the world, offer excellent working conditions in international hotel chains, cruises and travel agencies with attractive salaries.

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