MBA in Event Management
What is Event Management?

Event Management is the application of Project Management skills to the creation and development of events like Conferences, Symposiums, Seminars, Fairs, Exhibitions, Concerts, Festivals, and Functions.

Event Management involves identifying and understanding the target audience, developing the event theme, branding the event, communicating the concept, promoting the concept, projecting the expenses, coordinating the technical aspects, anticipating problems and preempting them, taking preventive actions, successfully conducting the event etc. Post event analysis like analyzing the success or failure of the event, analyzing the income and expenditure, analyzing customer satisfaction, analyzing the positive and negative aspects of the event etc,. are all an integral part of the event.

Scope of Event Management

The recent spurt in the number of events being conducted has made Event Management a hot industry. Specially mega events like IPL, Asian Games, Common Wealth Games, Olympics etc, depend solely on Event Management companies. Efficient event Managers are in great demand all over the world.

Event Management Industry now includes events of all sizes from Olympics down to a Breakfast Meeting among Ten business people. Many business organizations hold events to launch a new product, announce a new policy, raise money for a purpose or simply celebrate some achievement.

Career Opportunities

There is always a huge need for professionals in the Event Management industry because Man Power is the most important and most scarce resource in this industry. MBA's with specialization in Event Management with hands-on experience in Event Management are the most sought- after in this Industry and are well paid. An MBA in Event Management with a few years work experience in Event Management can also start his/her own Event Management Company and prosper as there is a surging demand for good Event Managers all over the country. Event Management is an exciting career option because of the challenges it poses and satisfaction it provides. Event Management is also a financially rewarding business.


Event management is an excellent career option for youngsters who love action, variety, challenge and Freedom. Specially for those youngsters who want to be Independent, love outdoor work and loath indoor office of work.

Event Management is a good option for youngsters who want to be self-employed. With an MBA in event management, with two years work experience and some good personal contacts it is easy to set up an event management business because an event management business doesn’t require a huge capital, a big office or showroom in an up market area or too many licenses to obtain from several Government departments or too many taxes and levies to bother about like in other businesses. This is one business which can be started small and grown big.

Industry Synergised MBA in Event Management?

Event Management is an art as well as a Science. Several Universities in the US and Europe offer courses exclusively in Event Management leading to Post Graduate Degrees and Diplomas. These courses cover subjects like: Inter Personal skills, Team building and Leadership skills, Technology, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Customer Service, Catering, Logistics, Decor, Glamour Identity, Study of Law and Licenses, Budgeting, Risk Management, Media Management, Celebrity Management, Crowd Management, Security and Safety Management, Insurance and Risk Management etc.

The Industry Synergised MBA in Event management is a two year Earn - Learn - Earn, Work - Study - Work Program. This is a program where, when a fresh graduate joins our MBA program, the placement process will start immediately and the student is placed in an Event Management company. 5 days in a week he/she works with that Event Management Company in a full time job earning a full time salary. 2 days a week he/she attends classes in the college. At the end of 2 years the students on the one hand has an International MBA in Event Management and on the other hand has 2 full years of relevant work experience in Event Management. The course has been designed such that the student gets practical exposure to Event management for 5 days in a week and classroom exposure for 2 days. This practical exposure which the student acquires for 5 days in a week is a part of the University’s program curriculum and is mandatory.

Eligibility :

Any Graduation.

Duration :

24 months 8 trimesters.