MBA in Healthcare Management & Hospital Administration

Post-Graduation is the obvious choice but, PG dreams are not easy to realize because of highly competitive entrance tests, limited availability of general merit seats, prohibitively expensive management quota seats and many more uncertainties.

There is an interesting alternative to post graduation which is equally challenging and rewarding; an MBA in Health Care Management and Hospital Administration. World over there is a growing demand for qualified and skilled health care managers. Professional health care managers are playing key leadership roles in leading corporate hospitals as CEOs, CFOs and COOs.

While Doctors are busy handling clinical issues, business functions of a hospital cannot wait. Hence, vital administrative functions of an hospital like accounts, HR, Quality, Logistics and Supply Chain, PR, Marketing, Waste Management etc ., are increasingly being managed by professional health care managers .While doctors are busy treating the sick, health care managers are busy preventing the hospital from becoming sick.

The Health Care industry in India is poised to grow exponentially because of emerging 2tier and 3tier cities, rising disposable incomes, addition of new hospitals, deeper penetration of super specialty health care , greater coverage of insurance facilities, increasing medical tourism etc. This growth has triggered the demand for qualified manpower offering enhanced career opportunities for professionally qualified health care managers.

GEMS B SCHOOL-Bangalore, a seven year old business school, pioneering in industry Synergised MBA programs, in association with a UGC Recognized, Government- owned, Indian University is now offering for the first time in India a two-year, Industry - Synergised MBA in Health Care Management and Hospital Administration.

Students who pursue this course, Monday to Friday will have the privilege of working in a leading, hi-tech, professionally managed, globally renowned cancer-care hospital in Bangalore for which they will be paid a salary. Saturdays and Sundays they will learn advanced management concepts from highly accomplished management faculty in the GEMS B SCHOOL campus located in the picturesque Bangalore palace in Bangalore .Students on completion of their MBA can also choose to work in any one of the 30 branches of this hospital located across the country subject to eligibility and availability of vacancies.

This program is ideal for Medical/Para Medical professional like Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacologists ,Nurses, physiotherapists, Lab Technicians, Bio-technologists etc., who are not very keen to pursue clinical/lab work but are interested in taking up leaderships roles in Health Care Management and hospital Administration. This course is also suitable for those who are in the process of inheriting or taking over a family owned hospital or laboratory or aspiring to start a Health care business of their own. The Main objective of this program is to create successful Health care Entrepreneurs,CEOs, COOs etc.

On Successful completion of Two years of work and study, the student will be awarded a full time MBA which is recognized by all Government and private organizations. Fees for this program is designed to suit the purse of most sections of the society. Fees can be paid in eight easy installments once in three months, No donations are charged, Bank loan assistance is provided. Hostel accommodation is available at an extra cost. Graduates, irrespective of their discipline, are eligible to enroll in this program.