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Igniting Excellence

Welcome to GEMS, the B-School with a difference. We are sure you want to know what the difference is? Right from the ambience, curriculum, methodology, faculty and the conditioning, everything is going to be unconventional and different, all with a specific purpose.

GEMS is a voyage. Our goal is to build you like a ship, majestically and meticulously, to enable you to sail unruffled into the choppy seas of business. Whether you are going to choose the passage of corporate executive, business professional or entrepreneur, our aim is to reinforce you in such a way, you are able to cruise with equanimity without ever compromising on business ethics. Every minute you spend here is going to equip and enlighten you, empower and energise you so that you can weather any storm.

Set sail, we have many nautical miles to conquer and coasts to anchor.

Best Wishes

Dr. M.I.M. Nehruzii, M.Sc, MBA, PhD. Prof. Emeritus and Honorary Chairman Great Eastern Management School, India Bangalore Palace, Bangalore

The GEMS MBA program is a unique experiment meant to equip aspiring managers, professionals and entrepreneurs with the best. The people involved in this project are committed, dedicated and renowned professionals. They'll leave no stone unturned in preparing and equipping you to face the day to day challenges of corporate and business life. I am confident that you'll not regret the decision to pursue your MBA here.

Late. Sri Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiyar
Patron-in-Chief, Gems B School.

As a senior educationist with nearly four decades of academic experience, I can assure you that the curriculum, campus, methodology of teaching and the approach to the subject everything is really unique, very learner friendly and absolutely industry relevant. You'll walk out of this institute as a person of higher knowledge and innovative skills to achieve more and be truly corporate ready than even before. This will be an experience that you will value and cherish throughout your personal and professional life.

Prof. Chambi Puranik
Dean KSOU ( Retd ),
Academic Advisor, GEMS B SCHOOL.